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About TheDecoWorld

TheDecoWorld is an online retailer committed to delivering an exceptional shopping experience  for Delhi-NCR. Passion and persistence are what move the people behind The Deco World , whether it’s Home  Furniture, Curtains, Blinds, Floorings, Mattress, Fabrics, Cushions, or Poles & Tracks. Our common mission is to make modern way of shopping available to the urban-minded customer.


Besides top brands, latest styles, exciting promotions, and the first Virtual Designing website in  India, we offer high quality made to measure Home Furniture, Curtains, Blinds, Flooring and  Cushions in a wide range of beautiful fabrics and Across 20 Brands on an easy to use website at
good prices and delivery times all served with a very high level of customer service. AND breathe……!Oh and everything is made in INDIA. We like to think we do all that pretty well as some of our customer feedback suggests. The Deco World offers by far a wider breadth of styles than anyone in our markets. We’re  TheDecoWorld – For Everyone, For Less! with more choices for your Living Room, Bedroom, Dining Room, Den, Home Office, plus an unparalleled selection of Sofas & Chairs. Whether you are shopping  for heirloom – quality, or furnishing your first apartment on a tight budget, at TheDecoWorld you’ll find  the largest selection, the best value and the most personal service before, during and after the sale.
The after-sales support is also where we’ve put a lot of thought and effort. We not only want the  buying process to be fun and easy but the delivery to be just as seamless. The result: a ‘hassle  free’ shopping experience.

The Customer is King (or Queen!)

Contrary to how many companies still do business, we understand that the customer pays our wages and therefore deserves our attention if there’s any kind of problem – without sitting on hold for a long time. In the event of a query or problem, we will do our very best to try to
troubleshoot or remedy the situation.

Our Studio

Visit our Studios at Kirti Nagar, Furniture Block Market. At The Deco World, we are passionate
about what we sell and take pride in achieving the best results for our customers.